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Monofilament: Originally designed for patients undergoing chemotherapy, alopecia, or those experiencing
hair loss, this cap style allows your own scalp color to be visible through the sheer polyester or nylon mesh
material. Each hair is meticulously hand tied to the monofilament cap for maximum natural movement which
allows you to part and brush the hair in any direction.
    Full Monofilament Top: A translucent monofilament material covers the majority of the crown while
    the rest of the cap is machine-wefted.
    Monofilament Crown: A translucent monofilament material covers just a portion of the crown while
    the rest of the cap is machine-wefted.
    Monofilament Part: A translucent monofilament material covers just the designated part of the cap,
    either left or right while the rest of the cap is machine-wefted.
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