ResQ Bag® with Travel Kit (AG)

Amy Gibson
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Wig Bag with Travel Kit

Dimensions: Width: 8" • Height 8" • Depth 8"

Stylish innovative patent-pending bag designed by one of the leading wig designers in the U.S. contains 2 bags in on that provides wig & hair extension owners a portable means to protect, maintain, clean and repair on the spot, as well as safely store an discreetly travel with wig / hair extensions.

Waterproof inner bag prevents leakage, reduces frizz, matting, tangling of human and synthetic hair wigs.
Room for cell phone & wallet.

Details: Patent pending design. Included are 13 specialty items, inner waterproof bag, logo zipper puller, 2 side zippers, drawstring on both bags.

Travel Kit Contents: Wig Tape, PU Pieces, Pearl T-Pins, Bobby Pins, Wig Clips, Brush w/ Mirror, Mini Hair Comb, Balck Cotton Headband, Sewing Kit w/ Scissors, 2-Sided Emery Board, Scalp Hygiene Pads, Crystal Clip, ResQ Unique Shampoo / Conditioner in 1

How To Put Your Wig in The ResQ Bag™

1. Carefully brushing through your hair piece, hold the wig in one hand and with your free hand from the bottom of the hair, twirl the wig in a soft circular motion.

2. Take the bottom of the wig hair and roll it into the cap of the wig to make an even ball.

3. Place the small ball of hair gently inside the Mini Bag.

4. Pull to tighten.