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Wig SECURE™ Wig Band (AG)

Amy Gibson
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Amy Gibson Collection
Wig Accessories

One Size Fits All
Color: Beige/Blonde, Brunette

Color Shown: Pic 1-2: Beige/Blonde
• Pic 3-4: N/A • Pic 5: Beige/Blonde • Pic 6: Brunette
**Pic 5 & 6 Amy Gibson is wearing a scarf and wig over the Wig SECURE**
**Scarf/Wig Not Included***

The perfect solution to keeping your wig secure and fitting comfortably!
There are several wig bands on the market, but nothing that comes near the technology of this wig band.
Wig SECURE is a revolutionary wig band with it's patent pending Non-Slip Silicone Grip Strip that completely removes the need for clips or wig tape to keep a wig on securely so it doesn't move. And... it is the first wig band that is reversible and made for women with and without hair.
For those with hair, just flip the band over to wear the grip strip against your wig.

  • Patent-pending silicone non-slip strip
  • Reversible
  • Constructed of velvety fabric
  • Adjustable to fit all head sizes
  • Multiple colors available
  • Insanely comfortable!
  • The 1st reversible band for those with or without hair!
  • The 1st high-end velvety fabric lined with Patent-Pending 'Silicon Non-Slip Grip Strip'
  • 'Anti-Slide' solution which prevents 'wig slippage'
  • Helps with wig cap pressure
  • Thin enough to be undetectable under any wig
  • Keeps scarves and hats in place
Wig Band