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Salon Wash Shampoo(BT)

Belle Tress
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BelleTress Premium Hair Care Collection
Wig Shampoo

Bottle Size:  8.45 fl oz

Professionally formulated to protect the integrity of our wigs and hairpieces. This top of the line formula is non-flammable and non-toxic, perfect for removing oil and hair spray on hair products. Wash your wigs for longer wear.

BelleTress salon premium hair care products are specially formulated for our Classic and Cafe Collection. No need to worry about leaving these products on your counter. Discreet packaging allows for ambiguity among your other beauty necessities. Salon Wash cleans without stripping our original exclusive colors. Salon Coat conditions the hair and fibers while protecting against damage. Salon Hold keeps style in place while maintaining soft texture. This product provides a natural sheen without build-build up!

This item is not returnable.

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