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Picking the right bangs, 6 most popular types
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Bangs are making a big fashion impact everywhere—on the runway and in the grocery store. They range from soft and wispy to blunt and full, and encompass nearly everything in between. Bangs have a universal appeal as they activate the beauty of the eyes and soften the lines of the face. The sky’s the limit when it comes to picking the right bang, and there are so many choices that we’ve narrowed them down to the 6 most popular types, some of which have staying power dating back to the 70s.


The name says it all. These bangs hold their ground either above or below the eyebrows with a distinctively precise cut that goes straight across from side to side. They can be styled flat and straight or curled under just a bit. They look fabulous with short or long styles. For a retro twist, pair blunt bangs with a shorter, mid forehead profile.

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The rock and rolling, free spirited 70s brought forth this style, which has proven to be popular through the decades. Curtain bangs are split down the center and pushed gently to either side. Styling is a snap—just part your hair down the middle, and arrange your locks into two distinct sides. Curtain bangs look especially nice on heart shaped faces, serving to balance out the forehead-to-chin ratio.

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Bangs need not be heavy. Many faces are well suited to a hint of face framing fringe that brings out the eyes. It’s a little less of a commitment, as they can be styled to rejoin the rest of your locks. A quick tousle with your fingers may be all you need to style these beauties, so embrace that spring breeze.

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If you have an attitude and want to show it, try out a spiky bang style. Various lengths and layers can be morphed into this edgy look with a bit of styling gel. Simply run a tiny dab of gel through your hands and tousle the bangs in an upward manner. One advantage of spiky bangs is that they can often be styled more conservatively depending on the mood of the day.

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These are the opposite of a blunt bang. Vertical snips ensure that the ends are super diverse and allow for a softer, more carefree look. They work especially well for tresses that have a curl or wave pattern and for anyone who doesn’t want to be super precise about styling. You can play with the length of choppy bangs and easily style to the sides if desired.

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Side Bangs

Ever popular in a wide variety of lengths, side bangs win the day for versatility. They have the added benefit of drawing attention to the eyes. If the length is longer the bangs acquire a delightful swooping curve. If you need tips and tricks for styling side bangs there are many resources available online.

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Many of our fabulous Envy styles have delightfully fashion-forward bangs which make trying them out and styling them a breeze. If you have an existing wig and desire to change it up by adding or altering your bangs, it’s as easy as watching a few tutorials (for the brave) or taking it to your trusted stylist for a refresh. No matter which bang you decide upon, you are sure to look fabulous wearing them when you choose an Envy wig!