Jon Renau Gorgeous Grey Collection


Jon Renau Gorgeous Grey Collection

Jon Renau Gorgeous Grey Collection

Find your ideal shade of confidence with our Jon Renau Gorgeous Grey Collection. Three new wig color blends mirror the look of natural grey growth. Discover a striking salt and pepper style with Peppercorn, get a luminous glow with the subtly blended tones of Mist, or opt into the ombre trend with the light and stormy Moonlight.

These new hues are available in more than 20 of our most popular styles, from pixie cuts to chic lobs and wavy styles. Choosing these shades means you’ll also experience the proven, high-quality craftsmanship our SmartLace Collection, Mono Top Collection and O’solite Collection styles. Breathable caps with lighter lace fronts offer the appearance of organic growth and the ultimate comfort, making it easy to embrace your natural beauty.

Now, let's meet each new color—Mist, Moonlight, and Peppercorn.


Luminous and natural, this shade flawlessly blends pale grey with subtle, sunlit brown hues. The lighter lace front helps achieve a natural look, mirroring organic growth and a smooth gradation of color. Find this grey wig color in our most popular styles.

Kristen in color Mist


There’s no need to choose between light and dark with this ombre grey wig style. A lighter silver hue at the front blends naturally into deep, stormy tones at the nape. Discover this sultry grey wig color in more than 20 styles, including our lace front wig designs.

Hillary in color Moonlight


This grey salt and pepper shade captures the natural arrival of silver strands. Dark with luminous white woven throughout, plus a lighter lace front, this striking grey wig helps achieve the look of natural growth. Find this grey wig color in our most popular styles.

Evan in color Peppercorn

Want a closer look at each new style? Watch our introduction video.