Raquel Welch 2021 Spring Collection


Raquel Welch 2021 Spring Collection

Mesmorized - Hand Tied Lace Front Mono Top Wig
Mesmorized - Hand Tied Lace Front Mono Top Wig

A classic longer look. Tailored. Like a professional blow out with a salon-quality finish. The long, side-sweeping fringe frames the face. More than smooth and glossy dream hair, it's lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear. Confidently pull into a ponytail thanks to the hand-tied base and extended lace front.


Up Close & Personal - Lace Front Monofilament Top Wig
Up Close & Personal - Lace Front Monofilament Top Wig

Every detail is in place and perfected from the light, feathery textured bang, to the texured back that sits close to the nape. Gentle waves flow throughout this short, cropped style. Longer layers in the front can be tucked behind the ear. The look is classic and confident.


Sincerely Yours - Monofilament Top Wig
Sincerely Yours - Monofilament Top Wig

The coveted stacked bob cut is now easy to achieve. Longer layers frame the face and jawline while the neckline is very short and tailored. With ample volume at the crown and a soft, side swept eyelash bangs, this is the sophisticated cut you'll want to wear everywhere.


Simmer Elite - Hand Tied Lace Front Mono Top Wig
Simmer Elite - Hand Tied Lace Front Mono Top Wig

The oh-so popular SIMMER style now with the luxurious upgrade of lightweight, 100% hand0tied base. Indulge in the total freedom of hair that moves beautifully, styles beautifully, and has a remarkably natural overall appeal.