Human Hair Reimagined

Jon Renau Human Hair Reimagined

Meet the four new 100% Chinese Remy human hair styles in our luxurious Human Hair Collection.

Whether you’re seeking silky strands or top-tier comfort, these premium options will exceed expectations. All styles are constructed with long-lasting, irresistibly touchable 100% Chinese Remy human hair.

Two cap designs made their Human Hair Collection debut with this launch; Brandy, Colbie, and Phoenix feature a double monofilament cap with 100% hand tied back, while Layla is the collection's first-ever lace front French drawn top design. Crafted using a new, non-return knotting technique to create the illusion of a natural hairline, Layla also has a barely-there feel that's ideal for sensitive scalps.

These new additions nod to the latest hair trends, including the classic bob, flattering long layers, and sophisticated, mid-back-skimming tresses. There’s truly an option for everyone looking to elevate their style. 

Meet Layla

Layla’s alluring long layers have a certain “je ne sais quoi.” She’s the first lace front French drawn cap design in our Human Hair Collection, making her ideal for sensitive scalps. Layla features silky, touchable 100% Chinese Remy high-quality human hair and a durable Swiss lace front. Enjoy peace of mind with a silicone nape tab and polyurethane strip front, both of which ensure a snug, secure fit.

Jon Renau Reimagined Human Hair Layla - Key Features

• Layla’s French Drawn cap is designed using a non-return technique, meaning the hair on the other side of the hand tied knot is kept short and inside the cap for the most natural density and hair growth appearance
• More coverage, density, and comfort with machine wefting on netting back construction
Our longest French Drawn style
• Designed with silicone to add additional security, without the need for adhesives. Silicone is strategically placed to prevent tension on the scalp or biological hair
• Available in Jon Renau’s top selling colors!

Meet Brandy, Colbie, and Phoenix.

Enviably long, sleek tresses are yours with Brandy. Enjoy long-lasting radiance thanks to 100% Chinese Remy human hair. Plus, experience the natural look of a hand tied back and the comfort of a double monofilament top.

Embrace an edgy bob or flirty fringe — Colbie can be tailored to your style. The double monofilament hand tied back construction allows for comfort and customization, while 100% Chinese Remy human hair ensures a glossy texture.

Sophistication meets elegance with this long-layered style, which features a double monofilament top, and hand tied back for natural movement. Crafted with premium, 100% Chinese Remy hair, Phoenix will retain her remarkable silkiness longer than other hair alternatives.

Jon Renau Reimagined Human Hair Phoenix Brandy Colbie - Key Features

• Double monofilament: designed for comfort and natural scalp-like appearance. Smooth, non-irritating under layer of glass-like silk for ultimate comfort
• Non-lace front style options if you experience discomfort from lace front alternatives
• Polyurethane inside the lace front provides extra security should you choose to apply adhesive
• Style customization: add fringe or face-framing layers to personalize your look
• Premium 100% Chinese Remy – the highest quality on the market
• Available in our top selling colors!

  • 24BT18S8 Shaded Mocha Brandy Wig by Jon Renau  in 4 Brownie Finale 4 Brownie Finale

    Brandy | Human Hair Monofilament Hand Tied Wig (JR)

    $4,480.00 - $4,560.00
    $3,808.00 - $3,876.00

    Jon Renau

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  • 12FS12 Malibu Blonde Colbie Wig by Jon Renau in 6 Brown 6 Brown

    Colbie | Human Hair Monofilament Hand Tied Wig (JR)

    $2,848.00 - $2,928.00
    $2,420.80 - $2,488.80

    Jon Renau

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  • 12FS8 Shaded Praline Layla Wig by Jon Renau in 6 Brown 6 Brown

    Layla | Human Hair Lace Front Wig (JR)

    $3,584.00 - $3,664.00
    $3,046.00 - $3,114.40

    Jon Renau

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  • FS17/101S18 Palm Springs Blonde Phoenix Wig by Jon Renau in 1B Hot Fudge 1B Hot Fudge

    Phoenix | Human Hair Monofilament Hand Tied Wig (JR)

    $4,208.00 - $4,288.00
    $3,576.80 - $3,644.80

    Jon Renau

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