California Blonde Collection

Jon Renau  California Blonde Collection

Channel year-round sunshine with the expansion of our California Blonde collection. These four sun-kissed blonde shades are now available in up to 24 various synthetic styles. With our signature Jon Renau hues, these blonde wigs complement and enhance any style. They're ultra-comfortable, high-quality, and effortlessly elevate your look.

  • FS24/102S12 - Laguna Blonde FS24/102S12 - Laguna Blonde

    Cameron Wig (JR)

    $465.66 $547.84

    Jon Renau

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  • FS17/101S18 - Palm Springs Blonde FS17/101S18 - Palm Springs Blonde

    Victoria Wig(JR)

    $435.64 $512.51

    Jon Renau

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  • FS17/101S18 - Palm Springs Blonde FS36/56/60S4 - Storm **Styled for Photo** FS36/56/60S4 - Storm **Styled for Photo**

    Annette Wig (JR)

    $344.24 $404.99

    Jon Renau

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Sunkissed. Honeyed. Beachy. Platinum. An icon of sun, surf, glamour, and play, nothing embodies southern California vibes quite like a blonde style. Jon Renau’s newest color collection, California Blonde, introduces a spectrum of gorgeous blonde hues, from the golden warm tones of Malibu and the brightness of Laguna to edgy, sun-bleached Venice and the desert cool of Palm Springs. With softly rooted gradients and subtle dimension-defining highlights, these colors perfect blonde realism.