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  • Toasted Brown Toasted Brown

    Angelica Large Wig (NO)

    $270.00 - $321.00
    $229.95 - $272.95


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  • Honey Brown-R Honey Brown-R

    Alexi Wig (NO)

    $321.00 - $342.00
    $272.95 - $290.95


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  • Mochaccino-LR Ginger Brown Ginger Brown

    Taylor Wig (NO)

    $318.00 - $348.00
    $270.95 - $295.95


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  • Toasted Brown-R Toasted Brown-R

    Billie Wig (NO)

    $222.00 - $243.00
    $188.95 - $206.95


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  • Marble Brown-LR Marble Brown-LR

    Reese PM Wig (NO)

    $372.00 - $408.00
    $316.95 - $346.95


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Designed for fashionable, sophisticated men and women searching for quality, comfort, and style, the Noriko Wig Collection has it all. From chic bobs, long layers, and unisex styles – Noriko keeps your hair style and color story on-trend with multi-tonal technology and innovative hand-crafted artistry in each design. Experience the best…you deserve it.

Nothing but the BEST!

The finest materials, craftsmanship, and quality are all in one collection. The Noriko Wig Collection has a wide variety of dazzling styles in vibrant colors and natural tones that are second to none. Designed for comfort, durability and every-day use these “ready-to-wear” wigs require very little maintenance and styling, so you can concentrate on your busy life while still looking fantastic.

Our new Partial Monofilament (PM) Collection combines the permatese lift from machine wefting in just the right places and the natural-look of a monofilament part. The PM Collections includes some of our most widely loved styles such as Angelica PM, Reese PM and Sky PM. Get that boost of confidence when you know you look your best! You deserve it!