Protective Face Mask (CH)

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Protective Face Mask

This 4-layered Protective Face Mask by Christine Headwear is made from soft, breathable fabric that helps prevent inhalation of unsafe particles. The outer layer is constructed from a water-repellent polyester while the inner layers are made from comfortable cotton.

Material:  Shell: 100% polyester, Core layers: Non-woven, Lining: 100% Cotton

Color: Grey

Medium - recommended for women
Large - recommended for men

4 Breathable layers
Bacterial prevention
Water repellent
Reusable, up to 30 washes

– Water repellent
– Prevents inhalation of unsafe and wet particles

– Treated with the Agion Silver and Copper ion Zeolite technology, proven to prevent bacteria and to inactivate viruses

– Breathable and soft inner layer
– Treated with the Agion Silver and Copper ion Zeolite technology proven to prevent bacteria and to inactivate viruses



The face mask in filtering and can be reused after wash.

We recommend wash prior to use.

Wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer before touching th mask.  Place the mask so it covers both nose and mouth and secure the nose clip by pressing it gently on both sides.  Adust earloops accordingly.  The samll logo label must be facing outward on the left side of your face.

Wash your hands before removing the mask.  Revmoe the mask by grasping the elastics by teh ears and avoid touching the front of the mask.  Place the mask in a bag and seal it until washing if possible.  WAsh your hands subsequently.

The mask must only be worn for 3 hours at a length with a break of 30 minutes before resuming sue.  If you esperience trouble breathing whilist wearing the mask, the mask must by removed immediately.

Always wash the mask after use and do not use the mask if it have been worn by others.

The mask can be machine washed in a laundry bag at 40 degrees or washed by hand using regular washing detergents.  Always remove the nose before washing the mask.  The mask can be washed up to 30 times.

The durability of the mask expires within 3 monthes after the first use.

Face Mask