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Zoya Turban (CH)

Christine Headwear
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Christine Headwear Collection

Material: Polyester

Color Shown:  0553 Vintage Khaki • Legion Blue • 0552 Raisin • 0555 Black Iris • 0556 Olive Green • 0551 Woodrose

With a beautiful color pallet to choose from the super-fine Zoya Turban, with the elegant cross-over draping detail, is sure to match any lifestyle. A soft and extremely comfortable easy-to-fit Turban that requires hardly any styling once fitted. The unique construction makes this Turban suitable to wear no matter what event or activity you have planned for as it will stay in place during any movement and even windy weather. The Zoya Turban is an absolute wonderful essential.

This item is not returnable.

The calming sound of the magnificent sea waves, the beautiful bright, warm sunlight and sand between your feet...the essence of summer bliss.
Come away with us to the fantastic Danish west coast where the rough nature forces you to unwind, relax and clear your mind. This exciting collection brings you a fine mix of nature inspired headwear designs. A light collection of scarves and turbans in the best possible quality.
All Christine Headwear products are made from the finest natural materials, because a very sensitive scalp without hair needs special and comfortable protection.
It is important to us that women find inspiration in our products that they feel comfortable, fashionable and confident when wearing them. All Christine Headwear models are tailored to provide volume and fullness to a head without hair and to create a secure and comfortable fit as well as a graceful silhouette you can feel confident in beautiful Danish designs.