easiPart HD XL 12" Volumizer (EH)

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Topper Collection by Jon Renau
Heat Defiant Synthetic Mono Clip-In Top Piece

Fiber Type: Heat Defiant Synthetic
Base Construction: Single Monofilament with Polyurethane Perimeter
Base Dimension:
3" - 5.75" x 5"
Application Method: Clip In

Stage of Hair Loss: Beginning Stage

Length: 12"
Weight: 2.4 oz

Color Shown: 12FS8
*Pic 1-2: Styled for Photo
*Pic 3-5: Alternate styling option shown

This one-piece volumizer, adds instant thickness and body, clipping in quickly for all-day comfort. The ultra natural feeling HD fiber can be styled with heat, and parted in any direction.


Losing hair is never easy, but you don't have to lose your style with it. For woman of all stages of hair loss, beginning to mid-progressive to advanced, the Jon Renau Topper Collection offers designs that integrate with natural hair at different areas of concern - the crown, the front, the part, or full top coverage, to name some options. Toppers made from human hair, synthetic an HD heat resistant fiber make it possible for every woman to find her perfect texture, color, length and coverage. No matter what your look is or the style you want, a topper is a simple, natural looking way to restore volume to fine, thin hair.



We recommend washing your wig every 6-8 wears


  • Before washing your HD wig or hairpiece, gently remove any tangles with your Jon Renau wide tooth comb ONLY

  • Hold wig or hairpiece under cool running water.

  • Gently lather the hair with a capful of Shampoo while making sure that the hair is traveling in the same direction. DO NOT rub hair as this may cause tangling

  • Rinse thoroughly in cool water until the water runs clear

  • Wrap wig or hairpiece in a towel and gently pat dry

  • Gently detangle hair using your Jon Renau wide tooth comb

  • Spray with Leave-In Conditioning Spray (3-5 pumps) keeping away from base of wig or hairpiece


  • Heat your curling iron to 270°-280° F

  • Using your Jon Renau wide tooth comb, gently comb hair free of tangles

  • Starting at the nape, take ½ inch-1.5 inch sections of hair (Smaller sections=tighter curls, larger sections=looser curls)

  • Spray Heat Treat Thermal Spray on the section to protect the fiber (1-2 pumps per section)

  • Gather hair into curling iron, smooth through to the ends. Roll iron up towards base of wig or hairpiece, staying 1-2 inches away

  • Hold for 10-15 seconds, then turn the tip of iron toward the ground and release curl into palm of hand

  • Holding curl in one hand, gather up towards base and secure curl with a small metal clip (like a pin curl)

  • Allow curl to cool completely (about 5 minutes); remove clip and let curl hang naturally

  • Hair can be combed with your Jon Renau wide tooth comb (or fingers for best results) to blend curls


  • Air drying your wig will give the best results. You can gently blow dry (low-medium heat) using ONLY your Jon Renau wide tooth comb

  • Apply HD Smooth Detangling Spray, (3-5 pumps) focusing on the bottom half of wig or hairpiece. Gently comb through again with your Jon Renau wide tooth comb

  • We recommend that ONLY the Jon Renau wide tooth comb is used on your HD wig or hairpiece. Other tools will cause frizzing/tangling

  • HD Fiber can withstand heat tools up to 350° F, however, Jon Renau recommends working at 270°-280° F

  • It is recommended to use professional grade heat styling tools with digital temperature settings to control heat


  • Heat your flat iron to 270°-280° F

  • Starting at the nape, take ½ inch-1.5 inch sections

  • Spray Heat Treat Thermal Spray on the section to protect the fiber (1-2 pumps per section)

  • Staying at least 1-2 inches away from base, slowly smooth flat iron down through ends

  • Keep hair smooth by following behind the flat iron with your Jon Renau wide tooth comb

  • Allow hair to hang naturally and cool completely


  • We recommend using HD Smooth Detangling Spray with a Jon Renau wide tooth comb DAILY to detangle your HD wig. This is especially important with the mid-length to long length HD wigs or hairpieces

  • We offer HD Smooth in a convenient 2oz. size for travel

  • Allow your HD wig to air dry naturally instead of blow drying to help maintain the integrity of the fiber

  • Help protect the fiber against heat damage by using Heat Treat Thermal Spray when using heat styling tools


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Hair Type:
Heat Friendly Synthetic
Top Pieces


  • 4
    Different from last one ordered

    Posted by Justine Ehrman on 05/08/2018

    I really like the piece I received the first time. The edge of the topper is easy to cover and not show but this second one has really been a pain trying to make sure it can't be seen. I have several of these pieces, 2 in different shades, and the shape of the topper varies and I am not sure why as they are the exact same item. Maybe they changed something at some point. I m just not sure about it. Wish I could find something similar in another brand to compare it to. I do wear it often and am able to pull it back for a ponytail and such so it is versatile. LOve the color with the roots. It looks very real. Just wish the quality from piece to piece was a little better. I don't think it holds up well to blending with your own hair to be left down. I think it only really works well to be pulled back. It separates easily in the back and doesn't stay blended when left down or lie very nicely. Esp. on a windy day.

  • 4
    Renau HD XL

    Posted by Gretchen Edwards on 08/07/2017

    So far the only topper I have used that has allowed me to not wear a hat in public. The color 14/24 matches my hair the best. This is my 3rd piece and plan on purchasing more.

  • 5

    Posted by Betti Cryer on 12/07/2016

    This is the best hairpiece I have ever owned!