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Forever Young
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Color Ring

1, 1B, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 22, 24, 27, 27W, 30, 33, 34, 35, 44, 51, 60, 96, 130, 280, 350, 345, 613, 613W, 1001, 10/12/27HL, 1B/613HL, 24B27C, 24BT102, 24BT18, 27C/29, 145C, 3T1B/27/30, 3T1B/350, 3T1B/M145, 3T1B/M3509, 3T1B/M835, 3T4/M613, 8/12/24BHL, 8/12/27HL, 8/15/24BHL, 8/18/30HL, Candy Blonde, F10/22, F16/18, F18/22, F27/613, F1B/27, F1B/30, F1B/33, F4/27, F4/30, F4/33, F4/BUR, 4/556HE, 4A/2913HE, 4A/275GH, A144, HL27/613, HL1B/27, HL1B/30, HL1B/BURG, HL1B/335, HL2/27, HL2/30, HL2/33, HL2/130, HL2/BURG, HL2/350, HL4/130, HL4/27, HL4/30, HL4/33, HL4/350, HL4/BURG, M4/30, M6/27, NEON3, NEON9, P6/27, P6/30, RS29, RS30, T1B/27, T1B/30, T1B/33, T1B/130, T1B/144, T1B/350, T1B/BURG, T1B/ORANGE, T2/130, T2/24, T2/27, T2/30, T2/33, T2/350, T2/BURG, TH5/M6/27, TH33/27, Hampton Blonde, Cappuccino, IHESPRESSO, Hazelnut, Burgundy, Hot Caramel, Tiramisu, St Tropez, Coffee Bean, Cinnamon, Medium Brown, DF5, Pink, Multi, NE10, Purple, Black, R12, VL200, V900, White, Orange, Red, Violet, Baby Blonde

Allows you to choose colors without the guesswork. Match your own hair color and pick the perfect wigs, extensions, or hairpieces!

Please Note: Not all Forever Young styles are available in all colors. Each style has its own availability of select colors
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    Forever Young Color Ring

    Posted by Karen Bush on 03/07/2019

    The color ring program is an excellent way to determine the correct color to order and I am so thankful for it!!!!

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    Posted by Ella Wartel on 11/05/2013

    I'min Tucson,Az I'm from Houston,Tx,believe me they have no 2-tone hair doen here.I wear black on top with the gold ends,now i can finely find a place to order my hair,Thanks.