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1H, 1BH, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H, 8H, 8/14H, 8/27/33H, 12AH, 626H, 12H, 24H18, 18/22H, 14H, 14/24H, 16H, 26H, 88H, 614H, 2600H, 2500H, 27/26H, 27AH, 29H, 30H, 31H 33H, 130H, 131H, 132H, 2400H, 43, 44, 37, 38, 51, 56, 60

39 individual fiber swatches assist in choosing the most suitable Highlighted coloration for your clients.
Allows you to choose colors without the guesswork. Match your hair color and pick the perfect hairdo extensions, wigs, or hairpiece.

Please Note:
Not all Henry Margu styles are available in all colors. Each style has its own availability of select colors.
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