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Color Ring

1H, 1BH, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H, 8H, 8/14H, 8/27/33H, 12AH, 626H, 12H, 24H18, 18/22H, 14H, 14/24H, 16H, 26H, 88H, 614H, 2600H, 2500H, 27/26H, 27AH, 29H, 30H, 31H 33H, 130H, 131H, 132H, 2400H, 43, 44, 37, 38, 51, 56, 60

39 individual fiber swatches assist in choosing the most suitable Highlighted coloration for your clients.
Allows you to choose colors without the guesswork. Match your hair color and pick the perfect hairdo extensions, wigs, or hairpiece.

Please Note:
Not all Henry Margu styles are available in all colors. Each style has its own availability of select colors.
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    Henry Margu Highlighted Color Ring

    Posted by Katina on 02/20/2017

    The Henry Margu Highlighted color ring is the best of any brands I've seen so far. The samples are very generous (approximately 1" x 7" each sample) and clearly labeled. This is enough fiber to give you a very good idea what each color looks like. I wish all color ring samples were as large as this one. I am very pleased and have given this 5 stars.

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    Henry Margo Highlighted Color Ring

    Posted by Anonymous on 06/16/2016

    I received the Henry Margu Highlighted Color Ring promptly. It was exactly as described. The color ring has all the available highlighted colors for Henry Margo wigs. This color ring is very helpful when deciding which color wig would be best for you. You can see the colors in your own home and take your time to decide.