1/2" x 3" Tape (1 Pack) (JR)

Jon Renau
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Wig Accessories

Dimensions: 0.5" x 3"
36 piece Packet

Secure your wig or topper with a double sided tape. This tape is perfect for everyday alternative hair wear. It adheres to the polyurethane material inside wig's cap and secures it on your head for a prolonged period of time.

How to Apply: Peel off backing, apply to clean base
Where to Apply: Polyurethane
Adhesive Duration: 1-2 days (for bonded human hair) All synthetic fibers to be removed daily
How to Remove: Gently peel off skin, then base
Best for those wanting: Light tack with easy, daily removal
Suitable for Active Clients/ Hot Climate:


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    A Very Versatile Product

    Posted by Janet Genders on 05/11/2018

    I use these tapes, not for a wig, but to attach an eye patch, thus avoiding elastic around my head. The tapes work.

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    Posted by Anonymous on 05/23/2016

    These tapes work extremely well, although I do not use them for the purpose they were intended. I wear an eyepatch and the double-sided tape is much more comfortable that elastic. The advantage of the tape, over surgical glue is that they do not melt in hot weather.

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    1/2" x 3" Tape

    Posted by Janet Genders on 07/28/2013

    This is probably an odd review, but for my purposes this tape is wonderful. I use it, not for wigs, but to attach an eye patch. This means I do not have to have an elastic around my head, to mess up my hair and feel tight. Unlike glue it does not melt in hot weather and is much less messy to use. It does not need a solvent to remove residue. While I am not using it for its intended purpose, I find it an excellent product and will continue to use it. PS: It is also useful for air travel -- a glue can never passes the security inspection.