Stay Put Wig Grip (JR)

Jon Renau
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Wig Grip Band

Material: Elastic Velvet Fabric

Color Shown: Pic 1-2: Blonde • Pic 3: Brown

Stay Put is a wig grip band created to secure and prevent your wigs or headwear from slipping or shifting around on your ehad. ITs unique lace area at the top is perfect for seamlessly wearing any lace front wigs. Stay Put is made with elastic velvet gabric and features a thin adjustable backing for added comfort. 

This item is not returnable.



  • A velvet fabric for comfort and grip
  • Signature lace section to align invisibly underneath lace front wigs
  • A thin and flat adjustable backing with silicone strip for added security
  • Two colors available: brown and blonde
  • Whether wearing wigs for hair loss or for fashion, it’s crucial to feel secure in your hairpiece throughout the day!


Here are instructions on how to wear your new Stay Put wig grip:


Place Stay Put around the perimeter of your head and slightly behind your hairline. The swiss lace should stay on top of your head to align with your wig’s part. 


Using the elastic band at the back, adjust Stay Put to fit your head snuggly.


Align the part of your wig with Stay Put’s swiss lace area. The velvet fabric should not be visible once your put your wig on.


Stay Put can also be worn under any headwear items.




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