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Stop Sweat Liner prevents excessive head sweating by evaporating the sweat, instead of 'steaming' your head. Increase the comfort and hygiene or your head by trapping oil, salt and odors, and preventing sweat from running into your eyes. Stop Sweat Liner keeps your head cool in the summer and warm in the winter. One size fits all.
Average use frequency is one week.
Each box contains 10 liners.

High tech wicking materials captures perspiration and keeps you dry!
Hygienic disposable liner reduces odor causing bacteria.
Protects wigs and headwear from dirt, oil, and sweat stains.
Ultra-thin, breathable material allows air to ventilate.
Saves money: Extends the life of your wigs and headwear.
Saves time: Less frequent washing of wigs.
Keeps the head COOLER in the SUMMER by evaporating the sweat.
Keeps the head WARMER in the WINTER by evaporating sweat.

How to Apply: Peel off adhesive backing, apply to inferior of wig at hairline
Where to Apply: Inferior base of wig/hair system
Adhesive Duration: Discard after 7 days, sooner if excessive sweating has occurred
How to Remove: Remove wig, pull from one end of adhesive and pull off of base
Best for those wanting: To keep wig/hat/helmet comfortable, secure, clean and breathable
Suitable for Active Clients/ Hot Climate: Yes


Care + styling products for human hair, traditional synthetic and heat resistant synthetic fiber. Jon Renau has specifically designed these products to ensure the prolonged life of wigs and toppers; making them sulfate, paraben and sodium chloride free. Jon Renau also has a variety of essential tools needed for styling customizing and displays, as well as clips, tapes adhesives, and hair replacement products. Everything needed for the alternative hair customer.

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