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Milano Collection
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Milano Collection
Heat-Friendly Synthetic Bangs

Fiber Type: 100% Heat Resistant (up to 320°) Polyester
Hairpiece Style: Clip-in Extension

Length: Side 10"Middle 7"
Weight: 0.88 oz

Color: N/A

Get full or side bangs in an instant with AdornA Chic Bang Extensions. All of the fabulous benefits of bangs without the permanent commitment and discomfort. No clipping, bonding or taping. The AdornA Chic Bang Extension attaches on and off in just a few seconds to any AdornA hat.
AdornA hats
are sold separately.)

For Attaching to AdornA Hat:

1. Remove the protective strip from the AdornA Chic Bang Extension
2. Place the hat on your head
3. Lift the hat in the front and attach velcro on the Bang to the front of the AdornA hat. It can be positioned higher or lower on the velcro strip on the hat depending on forehead size and hat position
4. Adjust the hat or hair as desired
5. Blend the sides of the Bang Extension with the Full Extension


• Before washing, connect the protective Velcro cover to the Velcro strip on the Extensions.
• Gently wash Extensions in a basin using cold water and mild shampoo
• Always wash Extensions in downward strokes from the top of the hair towards the bottom
• Dab gently with a towel to remove excess water. Do not squeeze or twist
• While still wet, spray with leave-in conditioner for synthetic hair
• Do not apply extreme heat to the hair. Temperature must not exceed 360° when using hair dryer or curling iron
• Do not use curling iron on wet hair
• Do not brush or comb when wet
• It is recommended to store your Extensions on a mannequin head when not in use. This helps maintain style and shape. You may also leave the Extensions attached to an AdornA hat and place it on a mannequin head

• 100% Heat Resistant (up to 320°) Polyester
• Total Density: Approx. 25 grams
• Bang Extension: - Side Hair: 10” - Middle Hair: 7”

What is AdornA?
AdonA by Milano is a patent pending interchangeable hat and hair system. AdornA combines uniquely designed hair extensions that attach to trendy one of a kind hats.

AdornA Hats
Each AdornA hat is designed with cutting edge fashion and crafted with premium quality materials. The unique shape and size of the AdornA hats create the ultimate fit and comfort.

AdornA Hair
Each AdornA Hair Extension is created with precision using some of the finest hair in the world. Each AdornA Hair Extension is lightweight, natural looking and comfortable. It attaches seamlessly to all the AdornA hats (you won't believe its not your hair!)

AdornA = Variety
AdornA offers a vareity of hair extensions in different lengths and colors. Keep cool in the summer with the AdornA Pony Extension and cotton baseball cap, or stay cozy during the cold winter months in a AdornA Full Extension and variety of beanies and berets.
Change your look to a full bang with the AdornA Bang Extension or frame your face with the AdornA Shaper. Many looks for all occasions in a matter of seconds.
Women's Hairpieces
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Hair Type:
Heat Friendly Synthetic
Clip-in Bangs