Sepia, Elegante Natural Color Ring

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Color Ring

1, 1B, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 14/24, 16, 18, 22, 24, 24B, 27, 27/613, 27S, 27/33/3, 30, 33, 33R, 34, 38, 44, 51, 56, 60, 130, 130HL33, 135, 135F, 144, 144L, 144M, 280, 280A, 350, 613, 613A, F4/12, F4/24, F4/27, F4/30, F4/350, F1B/27, F1B/30, F1B/33, F1B/350, F1B/BURG, F2/27, F2/30, F2/33, F2/130, F2/BURG, F14/22, F14/24, F16, F16/22, F17/101, F18/22, F22/24/613, F24/613, F27/30, F27/613, F27/613M, F130/33, F30/27, FS1B/27, FS1B/30, FS1B/33, FS1B/144, FS1B/350, FS1B/BURG, FS2/12, FS2/33, FS4/12, FS4/27, FS4/30, FS33/27, FS613/27, FS4/27/30, FSWHITE/BLACK, FSWHITE/DBLUE, FSWHITE/HPINK, FSWHITE/PPL, FSWHITE/RED, H1B/27, H1B/30, H1B/33, H1B/BURG, H1B/WHITE, H427, H4/27, H24/4, H24/613A, H27/4, H27/4/30, H130/4, M1B/30, M2/30, M2/33, M4/27, M4/30, M6/30, M14/24, M16/22, M18/22, M27/613, M30/144, M30/T13, M33/27S, M142, MF1B/30, MF4/27, MF4/30, MF14/24, MF16/22, MF18/22, MF24/613A, MF27/613, MF130/33, N9, N18, N18R, N19, N19R, P1B/27, P1B/30, P1B/33, P1B/350, P1B/BURG, P1B/DRED, P2/30, P2/33, P4/27, P4/30, P4/27/30, P4/30/27, RS29, RS32, T1B/8, T1B/12, T1B/27, T1B/30, T1B/33, T1B/64, T1B/130, T1B/142, T1B/144, T1B/613, TA/472, T1B/BURG, T1B/DRED, T2/33, T2/144, T4/13, T4/27, T4/30, T4/144, TT1B/27, TT1B/30, TT1B/33, TT1B/144, TT1B/350, TT1B/375, TT1B/613, TT1B/BURG

Allows you to choose colors without the guesswork. Match your hair color and pick the perfect hairdo extensions, wigs, or hairpiece.

Please Note:
Not all Sepia styles are available in all colors. Each style has its own availability of select colors.
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    Cheer Hair pieces

    Posted by Tori on 12/23/2011

    We ordered the color ring to match our squads hair. The color match was perfect for our girls, not one that had to be exchanged...would definately recommend using this to match hair pieces.

  • 5
    My Wig

    Posted by Deborah Idrissa on 09/02/2011

    I love this wig wore it to work and everybody was giving me so many compliments. I was so impressed, look forward to odering again and again. Keep making great wigs to help us as wpmen to be even m ore beautiful.