Alpha Wave 16" Topper (RW)

Raquel Welch
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Transformations Top Pieces Collection by Raquel Welch
Heat Friendly Synthetic Monofilament Top Top Piece

Fiber Type: Tru2Life Synthetic
Base Style: Monofilament Top
Base Size: 6" x 6.5"
Attachment Method: 5 - 1.25" Pressure Sensitive Clips

Length: Front: 14.25" • Crown: 16.5" • Sides 14.25" • Back: 16.5"
Weight: 4.4 oz

Color Shown: RL14/25SS Shade Honey Ginger

Alpha Wave 16" is a versatile top-of-head piece that reflects today's trending loose wave texture. It's soft, sexy, beachy hair with an air of casual confidence. The monofilament top allows you to part left, right or center and the heat friendly synthetic Tru2Life fiber means it can be curled or straightened depending on your mood.

  • Polyurethane front rim to accommodate tape for added security
  • Monofilament top for low density, natural movement and styling versatility
  • 5 strategically placed 1.25" pressure-sensitive clips for a secure attachment

No longer an uncomfortable topic, women of all ages are speaking up about their thinning hair and hair loss, resulting in an increase of new clients seeking hair loss services. The Transformations™ Top Pieces by Raquel Welch® collection of toppers, top-of-head hairpieces, clip-in bangs and hair accessories lets you totally transform your look. With so many options, its easy to find the perfect Transformations top piece.



It's easy to care for your Raquel Welch® wig; just follow these simple instructions:
  • Gently remove tangles with fingers or pick comb. Do not brush.
  • Add 1 tablespoon HairUWear Wash & Wear shampoo to a basin of cool water.
  • Soak for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly in cool water. Do not rub.
  • Be sure to rinse until all shampoo is removed, as improper rinsing could result in damage.
  • Dab gently with towel to remove excess water. Do not squeeze or twist.
  • Do not brush or comb while wet as it may stretch or otherwise damage the fiber.
  • Never put a wet wig on a solid head stand or block as it will stretch the cap.
  • Hang to air dry or use a blow dryer on a low setting.
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Hair Type:
Heat Friendly Synthetic