Raquel Welch Tru2Life Color Ring

Raquel Welch
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Raquel Welch Collection
Tru2Life Color Ring

RL2/4, RL4/6, RL5/27, RL6/8, RL6/28, RL6/30, RL8/29, RL10/12, RL11/25, RL12/16, RL13/88, RL14/22, RL14/25, RL16/88, RL19/23, RL25/27, RL29/25, RL30/27, RL31/29, RL32/31, RL33/35, RL38, RL56/60, RL119, RL511, RL8/29SS, RL12/22SS, RL25/27SS, RL14/22SS, RL19/23SS

Allows you to choose colors without the guesswork. Match your hair color and pick the perfect hairdo extensions, wigs, or hairpiece.

Please Note:
Not all Raquel Welch styles are available in all colors. Each style has its own availability of select colors.
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    Impressive hair color selections

    Posted by Corinne Goforth on 03/01/2019

    I realized I needed to purchase the collection of Raquel Welches hair color samples after I tried making a hair replacement purchase. Looking at hair colors online just doesn't cut it. You truly cannot pick the correct color. After the Raquel Welch hair ring sample if cord arrived, it was simple to select my identical hair color I needed. I simply could not have done it without the hair samples. If you are considering purchasing any hair replacements or additions to your own hair, buy Raquel's hair sample ring first so it's only the hair style you'll be experimenting with, not the color.

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    Nice large color swatches

    Posted by Anne on 12/25/2016

    I'm SO glad I ordered this color ring. I like to keep mine for reference. The swatches are large so it is easy to see what I will get when I order a Raquel Welch heat friendly wig.