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Human Hair Hand Tied Fringe

Fiber Type: Human Hair
Base Style: Hand-Tied, Polyurethane Coated Base
Base Dimension: 2.25" x 4.75"

Length: Overall 9"
Weight: 1 oz

Color Shown: 4/33

The Fringe hairpiece isn't just for those experiencing hair loss at the crown anymore. It also adds instant volume at the top, trimmed for commitment free bangs or beautiful face framing layers. Customize it for a piece unique as you!

Human Hair Care Instruction


  • Gently detangle hair using a wig brush.
  • Holding the wig/hairpiece in your hands, wet with cool water.
  • Gently work shampoo through hair from top to bottom with your fingers. Rinse with cool water.
  • Gently work conditioner from top to bottom with your fingers. Rinse with cool water.
  • Gently pat dry with a towel. Avoid wringing or twisting.
  • Comb wet hair from the bottom to top using gentle downward strokes one section at a time. Never begin combing at the top or middle and always comb down.


  • Allow wig to air dry on a wig stand or can of hairspray. Avoid using a Styrofoam head or mannequin as this may stretch out the cap.
  • To restyle your human hair wig, you may use a blow dryer or curling iron on low heat settings or warm heat or steam rollers.


  • Always use a wide tooth or pick comb for curly styles and a wire brush for straight styles. Avoid standard brushes.
  • When brushing, start at the ends and gently work your way to the roots.
  • To completely restyle your human hair wig, we suggest taking it to your stylist. If you decide to restyle it yourself, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Place wig on wig stand. Use standard or electric rollers or pin curls.
  2. Remove tangles with a wire brush or wide toothcomb.
  3. Pick up hair and wind on roller, smoothing ends as you go.
  4. Use medium setting with electric rollers or hair dryer. With hair dryer about 12” from wig, circulate heat evenly and continuously.
  5. Allow hair to cool before removing rollers or pin curls.
  6. Lightly brush or back comb desired areas and spray with hair spray.

General Wig Care


When not in use, store your wig on a wig stand or mannequin in a cool, dry location free of extreme temperatures, mold and dust.
This will help maintain the shape, cleanliness and style of your wig.


We recommend washing your wig every 2 to 3 weeks of wear, as needed. Products specifically formulated for wigs should be used, as regular shampoos and conditioners are not designed with the nature of wigs in mind.

Important Care Tips!

  • Use products (cleansers, conditioners, brushes, etc.) specially designed for wigs.
  • Be gentle!
  • Wash with cold water. Never wash with hot water, this can damage the fibers of hair and compromise the style/structure of your wig.
  • Wash only as often as you need to. This will prolong the life of your wig/hairpiece.
  • Never twist/wring/squeeze your wig.
  • Avoid sleeping on the wig. This may compromise its style/structure.
  • Never expose your synthetic wig to heated styling tools such as hair dryers, curling irons, or other heat sources.
Non-slip base to help hold the piece in place.

Allows the topper to be positioned on the head

2 toupee snap clips sewn into the cap for a secure fit

Creates the appearance of completely natural growth.

Human hair with the complete hair strand including the cuticle which retains its ability to remain tangle-free and retain its original luster. Super Remy hair has been treated, but not compromised, to provide a consistently soft, healthy and natural look.
Women's Hairpieces
Hair Type:
Human Hair
Clip-in Bangs


  • 5
    FABULOUS Wig at a Fabulous Price

    Posted by Carol-Anne on 09/19/2017

    Due to suffering from frontal hair loss and losing my confidence completely, I finally decided to take the step to buy a hair piece to help cover the front of my scalp. Being completely new to hair pieces, I started off with synthetic top pieces which were a good start but were hot and not very heat friendly. I have just bought my first human hair piece, and I am absolutely delighted. This Clip In Fringe by Wig Pro feels and looks like beautiful healthy hair and gives plenty of styling options. My own hair is very fine so I did have to thin out the Clip In Fringe a little but it is fabulous and my hair dresser was very surprised at the quality of the piece. I live in Australia and must say that the service I have received from Wow Wigs has just been amazing every time. Customer Service rating 5 stars!! The shipping time to Australia is also extremely good. If you are also experiencing frontal hair loss and want something to help cover the area and let you feel "whole" again, I would recommend trying this product.

  • 5
    Wig Pro Fringe--LOVE IT!!!

    Posted by Lynette on 09/19/2017

    I have very thin hair due to thyroid issues. People can see my scalp and it's been very embarrassing. I've tried different medications to fix my problem, to no avail. I cannot describe how awesome it was to find this hairpiece! It clips in easily and looks very natural. My stylist cut bangs on it to compliment my hairstyle. I bought it a shade lighter than my hair color, thinking she'd want to dye it to match but when I put it on, it looks like highlights. I finally feel pretty again! Added benefit--it covers my roots, so it buys me time between coloring!

  • 5
    Surprisingly perfect for thinning front

    Posted by Mary on 09/19/2017

    I am so pleased with this piece. I have thinning on the top and front of my scalp. My hair is fine to begin with, and I've spent thousands on synthetic and human hair top pieces and wiglets which are difficult to match along side my hair. Usually the top pieces are too thick and wavy and look a little odd, or if they are synthetic they are too shiny. Finally I found a match! I love this--not too thick, looks realistic, and it is easy to part. Also I have had difficulty with human hair wigs that are too thick to look natural next to my thinning front hair line. This piece is fine enough that I don't have that problem. I will buy more!!!

  • 5
    Clip in fringe

    Posted by Carey on 09/19/2017

    I love this piece! I had cut my bangs in a real mess. This fixed the problem and gave me the height on top that I have been unable to achieve by teasing and rollers. Highly recommend. I will be purchasing a backup!

  • 5
    Great inexpensive hairpiece

    Posted by Kat on 09/19/2017

    I have alopecia & Losing a lot of hair in the crown , bang area. I was unable to get the cut I wanted with my own hair, because it is so thin. I brought this piece to my hairdresser and she fixed it for me. I left w/ full bangs and the hairstyle I wanted. I was so excited. I have'nt felt that good leaving the hairdressers in awhile. I colored th hair to match my own. No one can really tell, it just looks like I have more hair. It clips in and you can 't even tell you have it on. Love this !