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Wig Wear & Care Baisics
by Hair2Wear

How To Put on Wig:

Made of lightweight stretchy nylon, this wig cap is comfortably cool and controls any loose ends.
It also helps to hold your wig in place.
If your hair is long, pin it flat to your head so that there are no visible "bumps" when wearing your wig.
Or you can wear the wig cap directly over short hair.
For women with sensitive scalps, a wig cap can provide an added layer of comfort.

How To Choose Wig Color:

Hair2wear's Christie Brinkley Collection invites you to choose from an array of beautiful, multi-dimensional colors.
Finding the shade that's right for you is incredibly easy since each shade is actually a hand-blended combination of up to 11 colors.
Both the color and the texture of our special Excelle™ synthetic hair fiber make Hair2wear's wigs incredibly natural-looking.

How to Clean Your Wig:

1. To wash your wig, first remove any tangles with your fingers or a wide tooth comb. Do not brush.
2. Add 1 tablespoon of mild shampoo to a basin of cool water.
3. Let your wig soak for 5 minutes.
4. Do not rub! This can fray the fibers.
5. Rinse thoroughly in cool water. It’s important to rinse well, otherwise the fiber may start to look dull.
6. Dry by dabbing gently with a towel. Do not squeeze, twist, brush, or comb while your wig is still wet.
7. We recommending using a leave-in conditioner spray after shampooing.
8. For best results, use a wig stand to air dry your wig. Do not dry your wig over a wig block or anything that could stretch it.
9. You can finish drying your Hair2wear wig with a blow dryer on a low setting – no hotter than 300 degrees.